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Why We Recommend Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting can seem expensive compared to shared hosting. For this reason many people are quick to write it off. But we feel it’s often the better deal — even, or perhaps I should say especially, for smaller organizations. There’s just one caveat: not all managed WordPress hosting is equal — but more on that below. […]

Mobile-friendly vs. Responsive

Many people are confused about the exact meaning of “mobile-friendly” and “responsive.” Are the terms interchangeable or different — and if different, how? If you are in charge of a website, you need to know. Let’s solve this mystery.

Is Your Site Mobile-friendly — and Does It Matter?

If there’s any point at all to your website, there’s a point to making it mobile-friendly. Need convincing? Consult your own experience Have you ever gotten so frustrated using a website on your phone that you decided it wasn’t worth it? Then, you know firsthand the potential cost of having a non-mobile-friendly site — lost audience.