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Is Your Site Mobile-friendly — and Does It Matter?

If there’s any point at all to your website, there’s a point to making it mobile-friendly.

Need convincing?

Consult your own experience

Have you ever gotten so frustrated using a website on your phone that you decided it wasn’t worth it? Then, you know firsthand the potential cost of having a non-mobile-friendly site — lost audience.

Factor in Google

All things being equal (quality, relevance, etc.), Google ranks non-mobile-friendly sites lower than friendly sites on mobile search results. So, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it has less visibility.

Consider the growth of the mobile audience

Mobile stats on Google AnalyticsWhile mobile audience size varies by site, it is virtually always substantial. For instance, on the sites we manage here at Mixit, the percentage ranges from 14% to 41%. Just think what you’d do to increase your audience by even a “mere” 14%.

To find the percentage for your website, look under Audience/Mobile on your Google Analytics account. (If you’re not using Analytics, put that on your to-do list!)

Keep in mind that mobile usage has been rising steadily the last few years, so your mobile audience isn’t a static thing. Also keep in mind that lack of mobile-friendliness suppresses the size of your mobile audience (and therefore your total audience as well). That’s why you’re researching this topic in the first place, remember? 😉

Take a test

The best way to determine if your site is mobile-friendly it to use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, as that will also tell you whether your site might be penalized in mobile searches or not.

First, plug in the URL for your homepage. Then test your other important pages — especially those with different layouts, forms, animations or games.

Alternatively, if you have a Google Search Console account (available free to anyone with a Gmail address), you can get a Mobile Usability Report for your entire site. This will identify every page with problems.

Use your eyes

Google doesn’t care if your site looks good enough on mobile devices, but presumably you do, so check it out on your own phone and whoever else’s you can get your hands on.

screenfly-scrollbar-iconNot enough different phone models available? Try the Screenfly emulator. It will give you a sense of your site on a wide range of mobile devices, including tablets. Usage tip: Click the scrollbar icon to turn on scrolling within the emulator.

If you want to discuss how your site can be made mobile-friendly, email Sheryl or call 212-274-8310.