Federal Hall

A website to support an initiative to restore Federal Hall National Memorial, America’s first capitol,  and create, there, a forum for free expression


National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy in partnership with the National Park Service


We were asked to plan for, and create, a website that would grow with the needs of this multi-year initiative and, ultimately, serve as the public website for visitors to the “new” Federal Hall.


In 2015, when Federal Hall was named a National Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, we launched a one-page website,  focused on the landmark’s historic significance and architecture.

In 2016, as the initiative picked up steam, we expanded the site, fleshing out Federal Hall’s history and plans with slide shows, an interactive timeline, a donation form and pages of information.

We will be detailing out the restoration and programming plans as they develop in 2017. The new Federal Hall logo will be introduced then as well.

Finally, when Federal Hall’s restoration is complete and the new programming is in place, we will transform federalhall.org from a fundraising site to a visitor-oriented site, with a calendar of events, program descriptions, online exhibitions and other features.