Mixit Projects - Keep Osprey's Journey Going Crowdfunding

Osprey’s Journey Crowdfunding

A successful crowdfunding campaign to keep the Osprey’s Journey tracking project going


National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy


A crowdfunding campaign to raise the $22,000 needed to keep the Osprey’s Journey tracking project going for a 3rd year


We ran the campaign on Indiegogo, which offers a flexible funding model (as opposed to the all or nothing model that requires campaigners to meet their full goal through the campaign site). The client was then able to leverage the campaign materials to raise funds through other channels simultaneously.


  • The goal was met and the project continued.
  • The entire campaign, including the fundraising emails, was designed and run by us.
  • All content was created by us.
  • We found a terrific video production company (Simba Productions) willing to film within our budget constraints — on location at Jamaica Bay.
  • As part of the project, we also turned the Osprey’s Journey website — and the client’s main website and Facebook page — into campaign machines.