Mixit Projects - Osprey's Journey

Osprey’s Journey

A blog following two Ospreys on their migrations from New York to South America and back


National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy


The client was planning to outfit an Osprey with a satellite tracking device to follow him on his migration and asked us to come up with a plan for taking the public along for the ride.


We created a blog to follow the ups and downs of Coley the Osprey’s migration, mating and chick-rearing. Posts were written by the project scientist who interpreted the satellite data and by park rangers and naturalists who observed Coley in his nesting area. We also designed and wrote an enewsletter to keep fans up-to-date. The reporting continued with a second Osprey two years into the project.


  • The Ospreys’ route each migration season was visualized with maps that were based on the tracking data.
  • We were involved in the project in the field and contributed much of the photography.
  • Long after the site launched, we stepped back in to edit the posts and write the enewsletter at the Harbor Conservancy’s request.
  • Open rates for the enewsletter averaged 50% and click rates reached 59%.