Why We Recommend Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting can seem expensive compared to shared hosting. For this reason many people are quick to write it off. But we feel it’s often the better deal — even, or perhaps I should say especially, for smaller organizations.

There’s just one caveat: not all managed WordPress hosting is equal — but more on that below.

Superior performance

Unlike shared hosting, which plays to the lowest common denominator, managed WordPress hosting offers hardware, software and services tailored to WordPress. For example, servers are configured to speed up WordPress load times. Automatic WordPress updates are monitored to make sure they don’t cause issues. Malware protections geared to WordPress vulnerabilities are in place. The result for you? A speedier, more stable, more secure website.

Less work for your team

Still, problems will arise on managed WordPress platforms, just as they would on any other. That’s where another benefit comes in. The host will fix many problems that would otherwise fall to your technical staff. For instance, if your site is hacked despite the host’s security measures, the host will often fix it free of charge.

Oh, your outfit’s small and has no in-house technical staff? Even better, as you’ll be paying less for contractors to troubleshoot your problems.

Expert support

The support staff on the best managed WordPress tramadol hosts are true WordPress experts. They’re great at diagnosing WordPress-specific problems such as plugin incompatibilities. You simply won’t find that kind of help on a shared host.

The caveat

Managed WordPress hosting isn’t a standardized thing. Different companies offer different set-ups and services. For instance, many of the big shared hosting companies offer a managed WordPress option that is extremely cheap, but just marginally different from their shared hosting plans. If that’s all you can afford, it will still be an improvement over shared hosting, but don’t expect too much from it.

At the other end of the spectrum are hosts catering to very big websites with high levels of traffic. Their plans tend to be pricey and would be overkill for small-to-middle-sized sites.

Our current favorite

We’re in love with Flywheel. The support is superb. The speed is great. The price is reasonable. Migrations from other sites are free. Plugin restrictions are minimal. And all plans come with a staging site so you can do testing and development in private and install with one click when you’re ready. The only downside is Flywheel does not offer email services, so if you want email addresses at your domain, you have to get email hosting elsewhere. Two affordable options are Google Apps and Rackspace.